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Food Contaminants are a Growing, but Preventable Problem

Food Allergens – A Growing Problem for Producers and Retailers

Changes to Act Require Food Labels to Name Allergens Present

Common Food Contaminants and Their Detection

Stringent Measures Needed to Eliminate Food Contaminants

The Presence of Allergens in Our Food Can Be Life-Threatening

New Sciences Driving Changes in The Nature of Laboratory Supplies

Effective Tests for Food Contaminants Now A Crucial Quality Requirement

The Role of the Laboratory Equipment Supplier Has Changed

Safe Storage of Biological Materials Impact on research.

Reproductive Biology and In-Vitro Fertilisation / Surrogacy

Beer-Brewing Equipment - Independent On-Site Quality Control

Reproductive Biology Offers Hope

Need For Reproductive Biology

Food Safety Testing

Food Contaminants Test Kits

Beer Analysis Tests

ATP Monitoring Systems

Might You Need a Food Intolerance Test?

Do Not Overlook This Vital Item of Beer-Brewing Equipment

Experiencing Digestive Problems? You May Need a Food Intolerance Test

Understanding the Nature of Food Allergens and Their Potential Effects

Food Intolerance Testing Could Help One Avoid Years of Discomfort

A Simple Food Allergy Test Could Save Your Life

The Growing Threat of Allergens in Processed Food and Beverages

Why Testing Beer to Measure Its Bitterness is So Important

Food Contaminants - As consumers, we seldom give a thought to the possibility that our food may contain contaminants, despite the fact that when we buy fresh fruit or vegetables, it is an almost automatic reaction to run them under the tap before proceeding to eat or cook them.

Beer Testing - Technology Helping to Simplify the Essential Process of Beer Testing

Food Intolerance Test - The Growing Incidence of Food Intolerance is Fuelling the Need for Reliable Tests

Food Intolerance Test - Differentiating Between Allergic Reactions and Food Intolerance with a Simple Test

The Nature of Food Allergens and Testing for Their Presence - Certain substances, especially animal and plant proteins, have the ability to provoke adverse physiological reactions in some individuals.

Lab Equipment Supplier - Most of those who are not directly involved in some branch of science tend to have a rather limited view of the nature of a laboratory, and probably know even less about the role played by a typical lab equipment supplier in order to keep it operational.

The Lengthy Evolution of Beer and Brewing Equipment - Man’s earliest attempts to create alcoholic beverages from cereal crops date back to prehistoric times and appear to have been initiated almost simultaneously in several regions of the world, the most notable being Egypt and Mesopotamia.

Beer Bitterness Testing and Other Quality Controls for the Brewery - Although not all wine lovers may be inclined to agree, the product of the fermentation of malted grains, flavoured by the addition of hops, is every bit as complex and varied as that resulting from the fermentation of the fruit of the vine.

The Evolution of the Modern Pancreatic Function Test - Due to the deep-seated location and the high incidence of complications following biopsies, and despite the fact that histological studies provide the most conclusive evidence of chronic pancreatitis, the microscopic examination of biopsied tissue is not a practical means with which to test pancreatic function.

The Use of Artificial Culture Media for Cell Cultivation - The means with which to encourage and to sustain the growth of living cells when isolated from their host tissue has long played an important role in medicine, and has applications in both the diagnosis and the treatment of diseases.

From Mystery to the Modern Science of Reproductive Biology - It is likely that it may have taken as much as 150 million years for human beings to first become aware that there may be some form of connection between the sexual act and the birth of child.

A Brief Overview of Current Methods for Colon Cancer Screening - The incidence of tumours affecting the gastrointestinal system, particularly in the large bowel or colorectal region, has increased considerably in the past few decades.

The Nature of Histology and Its Specialised Lab Equipment - Best described as the study of the microscopic anatomy of tissue, the science of histology is of particular value to the pathologist in the diagnosis of disease.

Efficient Hygiene Testing Essential to the Food and Beverage Industry - Anyone familiar with the story of the hapless young women who became known as “Typhoid Mary” is certain to understand the importance of hygiene testing in any situation that involves the preparation and serving of food.

Ensure Safety in the Cryo Lab – Wear the Right Gloves - The need for protective clothing is a feature, not just of the workplace, but one that can also be an important precaution for those engaged in certain forms of popular recreation.

The Vital Role of Modern Diagnostic Lab Equipment - In the past, diagnostic lab equipment fell into four main categories, depending upon for which of the major disciplines of pathology it was primarily intended.

The Nature and Purpose of the Pancreatic Function Test - The pancreas is a spongy organ shaped rather like a flattened pear that is situated in the upper left quadrant of the abdomen behind the stomach.

Advances in Technology Creating new Applications for Lab Equipment - For the majority of people, the only contact with the laboratory environment will have been through the medium of TV or movies with their stereotypical views of complex glassware, test tubes, and Bunsen burners.

Freezer Alarms are Vital for Safe Storage of Biological Materials - Quite apart from the effects that extremes of heat and cold may have upon how comfortable we as human beings may feel, changes in temperature can influence all manner of other activities.

Lab Supplies Vital to Medicine, Research, and Food Quality Testing - The importance of the laboratory and the huge diversity of lab supplies upon which so many disciplines of science are now crucially dependant, has never been greater.

Why and Where Reliable Water Quality Testing is so Essential - We are constantly reminded, through the appeals on television and through print media, of the plight of those who are forced to drink from contaminated water sources and the terrible toll on their health and, ultimately, their lives.

Common Applications for a Homogeniser in the Laboratory - Of course, the specific applications for which a homogeniser is likely to be required in a laboratory will depend almost entirely upon the nature of a given lab’s core activities.

Maintaining the Requirements for Safe Storage of Various Biological Materials - The term “biological storage” covers quite a wide range of options as the conditions required tend to vary according to the precise nature of the material to be stored.

Some Important Applications of Food Safety Testing Technology - Though perhaps requiring a little more effort than today, life in our grandparents’ day was a lot simpler in many respects and this would have been particularly true when it was time to shop for edibles.

The Growing Variety and Uses of Diagnostic Lab Equipment - Not only was the range of diagnostic tests more limited in the past than today but the type of lab equipment now used has also undergone impressive changes

Suppliers of Handling, Storage and Transport Equipment for Liquid Nitrogen - The prefix "cryo-" is derived from the Greek word “kruo”, meaning "cold" and was probably first introduced into everyday speech by the writers of popular science fiction with their references to cryo-sleep – a form of induced hibernation used by their fictional heroes to survive their journeys between the stars lasting many years.

Food Quality Control - In times past, the main concern among those responsible for ensuring the quality of food and beverages was limited to the control of contamination by bacteria and making sure that the weights and volumes displayed on the various cartons and bottles were accurate within certain acceptable limits.

Nucleic Acid Isolation & Purification - Mankind’s earliest recorded attempt to unveil the mysteries of reproductive biology dates back to 275 BC and a Greek scholar named Herophilus who, at the time, was a practitioner and teacher of medicine.

Advances in Reproductive Biology Offer new Hope for Childless Couples - Mankind’s earliest recorded attempt to unveil the mysteries of reproductive biology dates back to 275 BC and a Greek scholar named Herophilus who, at the time, was a practitioner and teacher of medicine.

The Evolution of Specialised Diagnostic Products used in South Africa - It was only during the ‘50s that diagnostic efforts began to rely less exclusively upon physical examination.

Equipment Commonly Required by a Modern Diagnostic Laboratory - Relying on simple chemical reactions for diagnostic purposes has become unnecessary in a modern laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment based upon cutting-edge technology.

The Evolution of Laboratory Food Testing Procedures - Food testing is one of the many tasks stipulated by various authorities and undertaken by specialists, commonly in the public sector, that are seen as necessary to ensure the safety of consumers.

Tests Used to Evaluate Pancreatic Function and its Disorders - The pancreas is an organ within the abdominal cavity which, in humans, lies mostly behind the stomach and with its head resting in the duodenal concavity.

Eliminate CO2 Danger with advanced Carbon Dioxide Alarms - Given all of the hype that has developed around the topic of greenhouse gases and global warming in recent years, there is now a far greater awareness among the general public that the composition of the air that we breathe is crucial to our survival and that of all living things.

Quick and Reliable Water Quality Testing is Essential to the Growing Population - As a direct result of population growth and the resulting demands placed upon the industries required to provide the increased needs, the world’s natural resources are, in many cases, becoming scarcer by the day.

The Essential Properties of Media Used for In-Vitro Tissue Culture - The ability to isolate and grow living cells really began with the birth of microbiology.

The Importance of Maintaining a Food Safety Audit Checklist. To prepare for a food safety audit, the restaurateur needs to be prepared and his or her checklist should begin with scrutinising the preparation areas.

Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Are Vital to Medicine, Industry and Research Institutions South Africa is, from a technological standpoint, the continent’s most advanced society and boasts a number of unique achievements in the fields of medicine and mineral exploitation in particular.

Your New-Market Leading Nitrogen Equipment Suppliers Nitrogen is an element that is extremely important to the chemical industry.

CO2 and the Need for Carbon Dioxide Sensors & Warning Systems CO2, or cabin dioxide, is a gas that is colourless and odourless, and is crucial to all life on earth.

The Growing Need for Stringent Food Safety Testing

Prior to the early 1900s, no real need for food safety testing had been established and such practices were still to be introduced.

Basic Requirements for the Testing of Edible Oils and Fats

Today, more than at any time past, the role of edible oils and fats in the manufacture and preparation of various foods has become a major one.

Common Uses for a Homogeniser or Mixer

The possible uses for a homogeniser or mixer are manifold. They range from reducing materials to a size and consistency that renders them more suitable for laboratory testing and examination

Equipment and Kits for Water Quality Testing in South Africa

Water quality testing is normally an essential prerequisite for most uses

Laboratory Equipment Supplier in South Africa

The Importance of Partnering with a Quality Laboratory Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Medical Supplies Suppliers

Turn to One of the Leading Suppliers of Medical Supplies in South Africa

Food Quality Control Testing

Food Quality Control Testing for Accuracy, Efficiency and Promptness

Lab Equipment Supplier South Africa

A Lab Equipment Supplier in South Africa That Brings Accuracy, Efficiency and Quality to Your Lab

Nitrogen Suppliers Pretoria

Why Choose IEPSA as Your Nitrogen Suppliers in Pretoria

Molecular Biology Equipment

Partner with IEPSA for Quality Molecular Biology Equipment

Food Safety Testing

Food Safety Testing for the Analysis of Allergens and Safety of Beverages and Food.

Nitrogen Suppliers

IEPSA – The Leading Liquid Storage Nitrogen Suppliers

Diagnostic Laboratory Equipment

Welcome to South Africa’s leading Laboratory Equipment Supplier. In operation for 35 years, we at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics are the sole agent for some of the leading diagnostic product companies at the forefront of global medical science.

Laboratory Glassware Supplier

laboratory glassware refers to a variety of glass equipment used to help diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, and prevent disease or other conditions relating to science and medicine

Tissue Culture Lab Equipment

An important tool for the study of the biology of cells from multicellular organisms, tissue culture is referred to as the process or technique of growing cells or tissues from a multicellular organism in a culture medium.

Specialised Diagnostic Products South Africa

In operation for over 35 years, the team at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics are the exclusive agents for some of the leading medical, scientific and food diagnostic product companies at the forefront of medical technology.

Food Quality Control Equipment

Considered as the most crucial component of human health and human disease, food quality control is an important aspect of every type of new food product that hits the market shelves.

The Top Guidelines for Choosing Reputable Lab Equipment Suppliers

Looking to upgrade your lab equipment? Whether you are a medical practice or a research lab, when you are looking for superior quality lab equipment to meet your analytical requirements, it is more than imperative to partner with the best and most reliable lab equipment suppliers in the country

Superior Quality Products for Measuring Biological Samples

Quality equipment is of the utmost importance when it comes to managing biological samples. Superior quality lab equipment ensures accuracy and that is why it is vital to ensure that the lab equipment specialists you partner with have an excellent reputation on providing superior quality equipment.

Food Diagnostics Machinery for Rapid, Accurate and Safe Food Analysis

The truth is modern day food is anything but natural and while research consistently reveals to us each year the drastic increase in allergens and asthma, we are constantly reminded that the human race is far from evolved.

Medical Diagnostic Machinery South Africa

While the primary objective of the medical industry is to diagnose, treat and improve quality of life, there are sophisticated developments that are taking place as we speak. Critical in our modern times, advancements in medical diagnostic machinery are essential for disease control.

Tips to Partnering with Lab Equipment Specialists

Looking to upgrade your laboratory with superior quality lab equipment? Buying the right lab equipment is a critical factor in maintaining lab efficiency and to ensure this, it is vital that you choose the right lab equipment specialists that can offer you nothing less than superior quality equipment.

Laboratory Equipment Supplier South Africa

In operation since 1980, we at IEPSA have been successfully supplying laboratory equipment to the industry for almost 35 years. Not only do we import and distribute several highly specialised diagnostic products in the southern hemisphere, but over the years, we have also gathered an immense amount of experience in importing sensitive products, keeping stock and distribution.

Groundbreaking Colon Cancer Screening Tests Now Available!

As the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and the third leading cause of cancer related deaths, each year an estimated 50 000 deaths occur worldwide from colon cancer. Currently, in 2014 alone, there have been over 136 830 people diagnosed with colon cancer worldwide that we know of.

The Occurrence and Control of Common Food Contaminants

The risk of contaminants in our food is not a new phenomenon. It is, in fact, one that has existed, quite naturally, since life on earth began. It is a problem, however, that has started to become more acute since man began, in earnest, to cultivate plants and animals specifically for the table.

Effective Food Quality Control Calls for New Tests and Equipment

Quality control testing of food has never been more important than it is today. Much of that need has arisen because our increased global population has made it impractical to restrict one’s diet to those edibles that can be obtained from natural, organically grown or reared sources.

The Requirements for Food Safety Testing Have Become More Stringent

Where once food safety might have simply meant ensuring that milk was obtained only from tuberculin-tested herds, that chickens and their eggs were free of Salmonella and that drinking water contained only acceptable numbers of Coliform bacilli, far more is now required from those who are responsible for producing our edibles.

The Steady Rise of Automated Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory equipment, although largely unnoticed, now plays an important role in more areas of our lives than at any time in the past. Much of this increased importance can be attributed to the ongoing and successful efforts to automate its functions.

The Growing Need for Biological Storage Equipment in South Africa

The nature of biological storage and the equipment required for this purpose have changed quite dramatically during the course of the past few decades. It is no longer just a simple matter of popping items, such as body fluid specimens and swabs, into a domestic refrigerator overnight or over a weekend, to await further attention on the next working day.

Medical and Commercial Use of Lab Equipment in South Africa

Only those who actually work with lab equipment on a daily basis are likely to fully appreciate both its diversity and the remarkable extent by which it has evolved during the course of their careers. Even more surprising, perhaps, is the extent to which its use has spread to so many new fields.

ATP Test Systems for the Rapid Detection of Microbial Contaminants

ATP test systems have effectively replaced conventional culture procedures in many situations and are saving laboratory technicians’ time, while also increasing the efficiency of screening various materials for evidence of bacterial contamination. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate, a molecule that acts as the means to transport the energy required for the various metabolic processes that occur within the living cells of both animals and plants.

Advances in Lab Equipment for Medicine, Industry and Research

Lab equipment has undergone a dramatic evolution, driven largely by the increasingly complex demands of medicine and a wide range of industries along with those of researchers in numerous fields. The revolution in medical diagnostics, for instance, probably began in the late 50’s. At the time, urinalysis for protein and sugar involved tests conducted in the laboratory and required the use of test tubes and the specialised reagents, salicyl-sulphonic acid and Benedict’s or Fehling’s solution respectively.

Advanced Lab Equipment for Medical and Industrial Applications

There has been a marked growth in the range of applications for lab equipment in recent years. While the practice of medicine and the associated research accounts for a substantial proportion of that increase, the industry too has played a significant role in fuelling the demand with its increased need for quality testing and control measures.

The Changing Nature of Biomedical Equipment and Its Applications

The biomedical field and its equipment have undergone extensive growth over the past few decades, especially in the area of life sciences. As the latest advances in various existing and emerging technologies continue to find even more potential applications, this evolution is showing no sign of losing its momentum.

Colon Cancer Screening and Other Tests for Malignancy save Lives

There have been marked advances in the detection of colon cancer by means of screening procedures. Until relatively recently, the preliminary investigation of a possible bowel tumour would have been confined to the search for occult (hidden) blood in the faeces.

Receive Warning of Changing CO2 Levels with Carbon Dioxide Alarms

In many instances, the means to sense gaseous CO2 levels and to activate carbon dioxide alarms, should those levels become unsuitable for a given task or environment can prove invaluable. In fact, the applications for this type of technology are apt to appear almost unlimited.

Advanced Food Testing Facilities Are Essential for Quality and Compliance

With our increased dependence upon processed food, testing has probably never been as important as it is today. Concerns regarding the long-term consequences of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and the short-term effect of allergies to produce such as nuts have spurred the need for action.

The Many Uses for Modern Biological Storage Systems

Historically, the need for biological storage was less extensive than is the case today and the measures employed consisted mainly of sealing specimens into sterile tubes or bottles and keeping them in a commercial refrigerator.

Advanced Lab Equipment for both Research and Routine Applications

The demand for lab equipment in South Africa has experienced dramatic growth. More significantly, it is not just the overall volume of that demand that has grown, and the nature of the apparatus and the applications for which it is required have also undergone a vast transformation.

The Use of Osmometers in Medicine and Industry

Osmometers provide the means by which to measure a phenomenon known as osmotic pressure which, in turn, may be best described as the pressure that is required in order to inhibit the process known as osmosis.

The Many Applications for Food Testing Equipment

In keeping an eye on the quality of the innumerable items that we eat and drink, food testing equipment is required to monitor far more aspects of their composition than the average consumers are aware of.

Reliable Wine Quality Testing Requires Proven Reagents and Equipment

Although, only tas less subting can really confirm the true character of a wine,jective forms of quality testing are a necessary precaution for the commercial producer before he or she may entrust it to the consumer’s palate.

Application of ATP Test Systems as Health and Safety Controls

Adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, is an enzyme that is found in all living cells and the various test systems that have been developed to detect it have found widespread applications both in the field of medicine and the food industry in particular.

Major Advances Now Helping South Africans with Impaired Reproductive Biology

Advances in our understanding of reproductive biology made during the past two decades have led to renewed hope for many of those couples that may once have been condemned, as the result of some bodily malfunction, to remain childless.

Food Contaminants Pose Health Threats That Must Be Addressed

While the recent scandal concerning horsemeat in imported beef products in Britain is a clear case of fraud, other food contaminants in far smaller quantities can represent a more serious threat even though their presence may be unintentional.

The Constantly Evolving Nature of Pathology Lab Equipment

There have been many changes to the pathology lab and its equipment during the course of the last decades or so.

IEPSA – A Supplier of Quality Equipment and Reagents for Food Safety Testing

The steady growth in population and the accompanying rise in the cost of natural produce have seen a proliferation of processed edibles and a need for more stringent food safety testing.

The Growing Demand for Cryopreservation Instrumentation in South Africa

The growing use of cryopreservation along with the demand for related instrumentation is clear proof that medicine is certainly an area in which South Africa has never lagged behind the remainder of the world.

The Importance of Accurate Allergen Residue Testing

Not to be confused with efforts to detect the sensitivity to certain chemical agents displayed by some individuals, allergen residue testing consists of a procedure aimed at the detection of those substances that are known to be responsible for such sensitivity.

Laboratory Supplies Available from IEPSA

Shopping around for the latest laboratory supplies is one of the most important parts of running a successful and state-of-the-art laboratory.

Your Chosen Laboratory Equipment Supplier in South Africa

For nearly thirty years, IEPSA has been the trusted supplier of affordable and cutting edge laboratory supplies to South African and southern African laboratories.


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