Food Quality Control Testing for Accuracy, Efficiency and Promptness

An essential field fuelled by the growing demand for human health and safety, food quality control testing is a process heavily reliant on scientific analysis. Designed to detect, identify, correct and reduce defects, deficiencies and contaminations in raw materials, as well as provide accurate nutritional information and analytical data on biological, chemical, and physical hazards that range from bacteria, yeast, mould, parasites, and pathogens to allergens – food quality control testing is a critical aspect of every new food product or ingredient that hits the market shelves.

Fundamental in meeting food science standards, regulations and benchmarks, when it comes to efficient results, it is more than vital that you partner with the right food quality control testing supplier that can offer you nothing less than the most superior quality food diagnostic equipment, such as IEPSA Medical Diagnostics.

Welcome to IEPSA Medical Diagnostics

Striving to increase food safety standards nationally, we are proud to have earned an outstanding reputation as an established and reliable key player for the importing and supplying of the most advanced food diagnostics machinery and equipment in the Southern Hemisphere.

In operation for over 30 years, we have worked hard to become the exclusive agents for some of the leading medical and food diagnostic product companies at the forefront of food quality control testing. Led by a highly skilled team of experts in their respective fields, we offer laboratories, hospitals, clinics and private institutions the advantage of providing accurate and efficient food quality control testing through the following leading international brands:

Neogen for Allergen Food Quality Screening

AT IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we offer a wide selection of Neogen food screening test kits that detect traces of GM, contaminants, pathogens, and allergens in foods, liquids, ingredients, and environmental surfaces. Convenient and easy to use, our Neogen allergy screening test kits can detect residues that include almond, β-Lactoglobulin (BLG), casein, cashew, crustacean, egg, gluten, hazelnut, lupine, mustard, peanut, pecan, pistachio, sesame, soy, total milk, and walnut.

CDR Systems for Safe, Accurate and Rapid Analysis of Food and Beverages

At CDR Systems, we offer the following accurate, rapid, and safe food analysis tests for measuring and analysing beverages, dairy products, sauces, vegetable oils, vegetables, wine, and processed foods.

  • FoodLabFat – measures free fatty acids (FFA)/Acidity, peroxide value (PV), soaps, Anisidine value (AnV) in oils and fats.
  • FoodlabLine – an effective food and beverage analyser that is designed for milk, eggs, tomatoes, vegetable puree, cheese, dairy products and fats analysis.
  • MiniFood – measures the Acidity (FFA) and Peroxide Value in vegetable oil.
  • MiniFoodLab – measures and determines the milk urea nitrogen (MUN), urea in dairy products, vegetable mashes and sauces.
  • OxiTester – measures the Acidity (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI) in plant oils.
  • PalmOilTester – measures the acidity (FFA), Iodine Value (IV), DOBI & carotene content, Peroxide Value (PV), Anisidine Value (AnV) in palm oil.

Taking great pride in providing only the most superior food quality control testing products, we are confident that you will find everything you are looking for with our vast product catalogue. For accuracy, efficiency and promptness – partner with suppliers and importers that can offer you the very best value for your investment, and contact us today.

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