IEPSA Diagnostics

IEPSA Diagnostics distributes diagnostic laboratory equipment , diagnostic products and reagents. Our main product lines are in Cryopreservation, Automated blood banking, HLA typing, Osmometry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Haematology and Food testing.


Products are stored under correct conditions and packed well for distribution. Distribution to our customers is done by the quickest and most direct route.

For more information on our diagnostic products range, please visit the products page.


Our product range has also extended dramatically during the years. IEPSA is the sole agent for quite a few diagnostic product companies from Europe such as Germany, UK, France, as well as from the USA. Highly trained and skilled representatives, experts in their fields, promote our products. We attend all necessary exhibitions and also present workshops and seminars to keep our customers updated with our existing diagnostic products line and any new products available. 

Chart Biomedical: Chart’s MVE Bio-Medical Biological Systems is the leading supplier of products for freezing, long-term storage and distribution of biological materials. Applications for storing in LN2 for assisted reproduction, oncology research, immunology, gene therapy and banking of tissue, bone marrow, stem cells and cord blood.

Kreatech: Poseidon FISH probes Satellite Enumeration Probes, Whole Chromosome Paints and Subtelomere Probes, Locus Specific Probes for Prenatal Diagnosis and detection of Microdeletion Syndromes. Oncology Probes for a variety of Leukaemia, Lymphomas, and solid tumours

ScheBo Biotech AG : Diagnosis of gastro-enterological disorders , Pancreatic Elastase-1 Stool Test: Direct test of pancreatic exocrine function. Screening of Colon cancer : TumorM2-PK in Stool Elisa

MP Biomedicals: Improve Cell Viability, RNAi made easy, Nanotechnology, Transduction & Transfection Reagents, Detect & eliminate Mycoplasma, Plant Media. FastPrep system, Rapid Gene automated DNA extraction

Advanced Instruments & Fiske: Osmometers utilizing the Freezing Point method.

Automated osmometer , spiral plater and Anoxomat : Inoculating cultures on to Petri dishes, automated colony counting, creating anaerobic or microaerophilic environments, microbial growth detector system

Irvine Scientific : Tissue culture: cell culture media products includes serum-free and classical media, with chemically-defined and animal component free media available in liquid and powder formats. Reproductive Biology: Gamete and Embryo Culture Media, Sperm Processing Media, Cryopreservation Media etc.

Planer Products : Cryopreservation : Controlled rate freezing and accessories for anyone who freezes, stores and manages Biological samples

Cryo Biosystem : High-Security straws are specifically designed for storage of biological samples in liquid nitrogen and nitrogen vapour., automated system for packaging and identification of biological samples , autogenic sealing of all types of CBS™ straws,


GEN-PROBE Lifecodes products: The LifeMatch™ family of products for transplant diagnostics is based upon the Luminex™ platform and combines the benefit of multiplex analysis with the sensitivity of flow cytometry.

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