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Neogen :

Neogen: Detect and quantitate allergens, additives, contaminants, and toxins in food. Testing of genetically modified (GMO) foods:.....Read More


CDR Systems:

CDR Foodlab :

cdR FOODLAB is an innovative company which researches and develops simplified methods to perform food and beverage quality control.....Read More



Analox Sensor Technology:

Analox Sensor Technology :

AST is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of gas sensors, detectors and alarms. Gases monitored include; carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. From off the shelf systems to bespoke design solutions, AST can solve your gas detection needs....Read More



MenidiMedica :

MenidiMedica is a rapidly expanding manufacturer and supplier of medical diagnostic reagents and food industry detection kits. We are an independent Greek based primary manufacturer, supplying a worldwide network of distributors, agents and NGOs.....Read More



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