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The MVE range of cryogenic freezers and aluminum dewars have been engineered for ultimate reliability and maximizing hold times. MVE Bio-Medical Biological Systems is the leading supplier of products for freezing, long-term storage and distribution of biological materials. Applications for storing in assisted reproduction, oncology research, immunology, gene therapy and banking of tissue, bone marrow, stem cells and cord blood.....Read More


Irvine Scientific :

Irvine Scientific:

Tissue culture: cell culture media products includes serum-free and classical media, with chemically-defined and animal component free media available in liquid and powder formats. Reproductive Biology: Gamete and Embryo Culture Media, Sperm Processing Media, Cryopreservation Media etc.....Read More


Planer Products :

Planer Products:

Cryopreservation : The complete range of products for anyone who freezes, stores and manages Biological samples.....Read More


Cryo Biosystem :

Cryo Bio System :

Exclusively dedicated to Life Science and Biodiversity, Cryo Bio System provide expertise for the cryopreservation of biological samples to scientists in all fields through a range of innovative High Security products....Read More

MTG Technology:

MTG Technology: Air purification systems

MTG was among the first companies to specialize in the supply of technical equipment and disposables for human Assisted Reproduction. Over the years, the company has grown considerably and developed into a full range supplier of products for Reproductive Medicine. Read More


Analox Sensor Technology:

Analox Sensor Technology:

AST is a technology company specializing in the manufacture of gas sensors, detectors and alarms. Gases monitored include; carbon dioxide, oxygen, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. From off the shelf systems to bespoke design solutions, AST can solve your gas detection needs....Read More


IVF Tech:  
IVF Tech
IVFtech is a company producing high quality, customisable equipment for IVF laboratories.
IVF Tech make a large range of products including their Laminar Flow Hoods, designed for the needs of the ever evolving IVF laboratory.Including using the unique HiMacs surface. This gives an added layer of security as well as impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant improvement...Read More


Tempshield’s focus on cryogenic safety led to the development of a line of personal protection products known worldwide for outstanding workmanship, maximum thermal protection, dexterity, and comfort. To ensure Tempshield’s high standard of quality, every phase of production is monitored at our state-of-the-art facility located in the United States from product development to distribution...Read More

Please Note we do not sell Liquid Nitrogen,only LN2 equipment and related products

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