IVF Tech

IVFtech is a company producing high quality, customisable equipment for IVF laboratories

cryogenics controlled rate freezing biomedical equipment south africa

The art and science of human assisted reproduction requiresstrict consideration to the culture conditions and the growth environment of gametes and embryos. Key factors for success rely on providing a steady temperature close to 37°C and secure an atmosphere with the right humidity and CO2 concentration.

IVF Tech make a large range of products including their Laminar Flow Hoods, designed for the needs of the ever evolving IVF laboratory.

IVF Tech produces the next generatin unique HiMacs surface. This gives an added layer of security as well as impact-resistant, scratch-resistant and wear-resistant improvement.

Products manufactured are

  • Laminar Flow Hoods, sterile and Class II
  • Semi closed workstation for manipulation of  gametes and embryos
  • Antivibration tables
  • Heated tabletops
  • Mini incubators
  • Warming blocks and other accessories

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