The Importance of Partnering with a Quality Laboratory Equipment Supplier in South Africa

Medical science is simply incredible, but it would not be what it is today without appropriately equipped laboratories. A key facility that provides controlled conditions in which to achieve important research, perform significant experiments and carry out routine measurements – medical and scientific laboratories are heavily relied upon to produce accurate and efficient results that can save lives and prevent disease.

There is No Room for Error in Science

While working in any type of laboratory is hard work at the best of times, just imagine trying to go about your daily research, experiments and measurements with poor quality lab equipment? In science, there is no room for error, because if there are delays in the diagnosis process, it could lead to treatment complications, disease or, worst case scenario, death. In order to ensure reliable results that are of the highest standard, when it comes to buying lab equipment, quality must always be of utmost importance.

It is very important to remember that when it comes to lab equipment, the cheaper the product, the more likely it is to fail, which is why quality is paramount. While purchasing generic Tupperware and glassware is acceptable for home or hospitality use, cheap generic lab equipment is not. Whether for biochemistry, genetics, haematology, microbiology or pathology – one way to achieve quick and accurate results is to only partner with an accredited laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa with an excellent reputation. A reputable laboratory equipment supplier will not only offer equipment of the highest quality and safety standards, but they will also provide warranties, after-sales support, and repair and maintenance services.

About IEPSA Medical Diagnostics

In operation since 1980, we at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics are currently South Africa’s foremost laboratory equipment supplier. Renowned as lab equipment specialists at the forefront of all the latest medical machinery and equipment, it is our job to keep up with all the latest and most progressive products and machinery so we can bring them to your lab.

Our Product Catalogue is Vast

As the top laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa, and the exclusive agent for some of the leading lab equipment companies at the forefront of global medical science, we are simply the most reliable and up-to-date laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa with a wide range of lab equipment and machinery that extends from world-renowned international brands such as:

  • ScheBo Biotech
  • Kreatech
  • MP Biomedicals
  • Advanced Instruments & Fiske
  • Chart’s MVE Bio-Medical Biological Systems
  • Irvine Scientific
  • Planer Products
  • Cryo Bio System
  • Neogen
  • CDR systems
  • MTG Technology
  • Analox Sensor Technology

We Offer the Best Value for Your Investment

Whether you are in the scientific, chemical, medical, or food analysis sectors, you are going to need to partner with an industry leading laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa that is nationally recognised for their credibility and reliability, and that can only be found with IEPSA. At IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we take great pride in providing only the best, and with our vast product catalogue, you are always guaranteed to find everything you are looking for.

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