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IEPSA Lab and Surgical Supplies in South Africa

IEPSA is a leading provider of lab and surgical supplies in South Africa. One of the companies from which we import is Medical Technology Vertriebs-GmbH (MTG).


The company was one of the first suppliers of technical equipment and disposable products for usage with human assisted reproduction.

MTG has over the years grown into a larger supplier of lab and surgical supplies associated with reproductive medicine. They are known for high quality products and with experts in embryology as well as electronics, IT and optics as part of their team, they have ensured top of the range and innovative solutions for modern reproductive medicine. Their flagship lines focus on IVF and cryopreservation as well as Andrology.


We also import lab & surgical supplies to South Africa from Kreatech Biotechnology, a leading manufacturer of Fluorescent In Situ Hybridisation (FISH) probes.  Their clients include various universities, research labs, and hospitals.

Their newest FISH probes go by the name of Poseidon. The probes are used in cytogenetic diagnosis. With their portfolio including a range of satellite enumeration probes, subtelomere probes, chromosome paints, and locus specific probes used for analysis of ploidy in prenatal diagnosis to detect micro-deletion syndromes, their equipment are now used widely throughout the world.

The company furthermore manufactures oncology probes which are used for numerous types of lymphomas and leukaemia’s.

Whether your lab or hospital needs prenatal, oncology, micro-deletion or subtelomeric probes, we can recommend the products from the Kreatech brand.

Irvine Scientific

The company needs no introduction in the fields of diagnostics, tissue culture and biopharmaceuticals. We import supplies from them such as liquid media, cell culture sera, salt solutions, serum-free media, antibiotics, and cryopreservation supplies as well as cell culture reagents.

We also import products for application in cytogenetics and prenatal care including ORIGEN DSMO freeze medium, mycoplasma screening, and ORIGIN giant cell tumour conditioned medium.

The company is furthermore renowned for their products applicable to reproductive biology including protein sources, gamete & embryo culture media, ICSI reagents and sperm processing media. In addition, they manufacture various human, bovine and animal products to be used in the field of biologicals.

The above, are but a few of the top manufacturers of surgical or lab supplies in the world. IEPSA makes it possible for labs and hospitals in South Africa to have access to the best equipment, materials and media from top manufacturers in the world.


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