Products for Managing Biological Samples


Superior Quality Products for Measuring Biological Samples

Probably one of the most significant and notable biological laboratory experiments was Matthew Meselson and Franklin Stahl’s achievement on DNA replication in 1958. Another classic biological laboratory experiment was when John Snow demonstrated how the deadly disease Cholera was spreading during 1948 in London, and then there was Charles Darwin’s remarkable experiment which measured the effect of salt water on seed germination. While there have been hundreds of notable biological breakthroughs such as the above over the past few decades, what all these incredible findings have in common is that none of these experiments could have been measured accurately without the adequate products for managing biological samples.

While most labs today are divided into divisions that include Anatomic Pathology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology and Genetics – they would not function efficiently without the right products for managing biological samples. There is little room for error when it comes to science and the right products for managing biological samples are more than just a critical factor in maintaining consistency of lab efficiency.

Quality equipment is of the utmost importance when it comes to managing biological samples. Superior quality lab equipment ensures accuracy and that is why it is vital to ensure that the lab equipment specialists you partner with have an excellent reputation on providing superior quality equipment


Welcome to the leading laboratory equipment supplier in the Southern Hemisphere. Established in 1980, we at IEPSA are the exclusive agents for some of the leading medical diagnostic product companies at the forefront of global medical technology. Having gathered invaluable experience over the past 30 years in the importing of fragile laboratory products that include products for managing biological samples, we also attend all the necessary medical technology exhibitions, workshops and seminars to keep our customers current with all the latest and best. Our broad selection of the latest laboratory machinery and equipment extends from leading international medical brands such as the following:

  • Advanced Instruments & Fiske – bilirubinometers to microbiology instrumentation.
  • Analox Sensor Technology – off the shelf to bespoke gas sensors, detectors and alarms.
  • CDR Systems – food diagnostic instruments for rapid and accurate food analysis.
  • Chart – equipment for freezing, long-term storage and distribution of biological materials.
  • Cryo Bio System – straws for storage of biological samples.
  • Irvine Scientific – tissue and cell culture media equipment.
  • Kreatech – satellite enumeration probes, whole chromosome paints, subtelomere probes, locus specific probes for prenatal diagnosis and detection of Microdeletion syndromes, as well as oncology probes for a variety of cancers.
  • MTG Technology – equipment and disposables for human assisted reproduction.
  • Neogen – equipment for the detection of allergens, additives, contaminants, toxins and GMOs,
  • Planer Products – equipment for the freezing, storing and managing of biological samples.
  • ScheBo Biotech AG – colon cancer screening tests and pancreatic stool tests.


Led by a highly trained and skilled team of medical equipment experts, our representatives are also able to advise and consult. If you are looking for a laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa at the forefront of global biological technology, then contact us at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics today.

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