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Partner with a Glassware Supplier at the Forefront of Laboratory Equipment

Principal equipment used throughout every scientific and medical laboratory – laboratory glassware refers to a variety of glass equipment used to help diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, and prevent disease or other conditions relating to science and medicine. Considered as the soul of the medical and scientific world, selecting the highest quality laboratory glassware for accurate measurement is one of the most important things that you can do to reduce laboratory errors.

While the medical and scientific laboratory market is currently flooded with glassware – from beakers, burettes, centrifuge tubes, cylinders, flasks, funnels, pipettes and stirring rods, to test tubes and racks, it’s not only important that you buy the right type, but also the right brand. Accuracy, efficiency and durability are all key characteristics to take into account when investing in important laboratory glassware, and should never be compromised. One way to achieve accurate and efficient results is to only invest in glassware from reputable laboratory glassware suppliers, like us at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics.

Choose to Partner with Established Laboratory Glassware Suppliers

In operation since 1980, at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we have been successfully supplying laboratory equipment to the medical and scientific laboratory industry for almost 35 years.  As the leading laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa and as the exclusive agent for some of the leading diagnostic product companies at the forefront of global medical science who are based in Germany, the UK, France and the USA – we’ve gathered invaluable experience over the past 35 years in the importing of fragile specialised laboratory glassware.

Superior Quality Glassware All Under One Roof

One of the greatest challenges that many laboratories face nowadays is quality, but as a reputable laboratory glassware supplier, quality and precision are the hallmarks of our range. An important criterion of medical and scientific laboratories, our glassware products are not only of the highest quality, but they also have a low coefficient to expansion rate, and are resistant to heat and chemical attacks. Supplying top international brands, we can offer you an extensive range of glassware all under one roof, which ranges from beakers, bottles, burettes, condensers, cylindrical containers, desiccators, drying pistols, evaporating dishes, flasks, funnels, graduated cylinders, jars, microscope slides, petri dishes, pipettes, retorts and stirring rods, to test tubes and watch glasses.

Excellent Customer Service

While most suppliers promise excellent customer service and after-sales support – not all suppliers will follow through on their promises. At IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we take great pride in providing all our customers with only the best customer service – from sales advice, after-sales support, set-up support, and repair and maintenance, to competitive prices. With a team of highly trained and skilled representatives, who are experts in their respective fields, we are also able to consult when necessary. Furthermore, all our glassware is stored under the correct conditions and packed properly for distribution, which is done by the quickest and most direct route.

If you’re looking for a laboratory glassware supplier at the forefront of laboratory equipment, who can supply the latest and the highest quality equipment, then contact us at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics today.

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