Food Safety Testing


Food Safety Testing for the Analysis of Allergens and Safety of Beverages and Food

From the farm, processing factory, and plastic packaging to the plate – we live in a microbial and synthetic world which means there are many opportunities whereby food can get contaminated or contain allergens and pathogens. Considered as the most fundamental element of human health and the leading cause of human disease, food safety testing is an important component of human health.

Varying in nature, severity and extent, problems with food safety can range from bacteria, yeast, mould, parasites, and pathogens to allergens. A fundamental field fuelled by the growing demand for safety, when it comes to food related diseases and allergens, investing in the right food safety testing equipment is fundamental to both correct defects and for the protection of consumers, food products and the efficiency of food science.

To ensure superior and efficient results, it is vital that you partner with the right medical and food diagnostic food safety testing supplier that can offer you nothing less than superior quality food safety testing equipment such as IEPSA.

We are South Africa’s Leading Analytical Product Supplier

Welcome to South Africa’s leading food, medical and environmental specialised diagnostic product supplier. In operation for over 35 years, at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we take great pride in providing only the highest food safety testing equipment. Having gathered invaluable experience in the importing of fragile equipment that range from pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, haematology, and genetics to food quality control, we also attend all the necessary international exhibitions, workshops and seminars to keep the South African food industry current with all the latest and the very best analytical and safety testing equipment.

As the exclusive agents for some of the leading medical diagnostic and food quality control equipment companies at the forefront of global technology - we are able to provide rapid and accurate food safety testing control through the following leading international brands:

Neogen Europe Ltd for Allergen Screening

From the US-based company, we offer a wide selection of food screening test kits that are able to detect traces of GM, contaminants, pathogens and allergens in ingredients, liquids, foods and environmental surfaces. Easy to use and convenient, our Neogen allergy screening test kits can detect almond, Beta-Lactoglobulin (BLG), casein, cashew, crustacean, egg, gluten, hazelnut, lupine, mustard, peanut, pecan, pistachio, sesame, soy, total milk, and walnut residues.

CDR Systems for the Safe, Accurate and Rapid Analysis of Food and Beverages

From CDR Systems in Italy, we provide a number of rapid and accurate food safety testing options that measure and analyse dairy products, vegetable oils, vegetables, sauces, beverages, wine and processed foods. Tests measure free fatty acids (FFA), peroxide values (PV), Anisidine (AnV) values in palm oil and fats, milk urea nitrogen (MUN) values, Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI) in plant oils, and DOBI & carotene content values in palm oil.

At IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we take great pride in providing only the highest quality food safety testing. Furthermore, our representatives are also able to advise and consult if and when required. If you are looking for food safety testing at the forefront of technology, then either view our online catalogue to learn more or contact us to speak to a knowledgeable representative.

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