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Nitrogen is an element that is extremely important to the chemical industry.  Traditionally, it was used to create products, such as fertiliser, explosives and dyes.  It also plays a prominent role in the creation of transistors, diodes, stainless steel and other steel products.  Nowadays, however, it is proving itself to be of great use in environments closer to home, such as the catering industry and motor racing, and it is even used to power paintball guns.

Nitrogen is particularly effective for the creation of an atmosphere that is non-reactive, which means that it is successfully used to preserve biological matter, such as food, sperm, stem cells, and other biological matter used for medical or reproductive purposes.  Because nitrogen is a refrigerant that can freeze biological matter very rapidly, there is very little loss of moisture, and it is particularly good for preserving taste, texture and colour in foods.  Nitrogen is an element found in the atmosphere around us. It makes up about 78% of the air that we breathe and can be found in any living organism.  It is odourless, tasteless and colourless, and has a boiling point of 196°C. 

If you have a business that regularly uses nitrogen, you will need access to reliable and trustworthy nitrogen equipment suppliers that are able to deliver on time, every time.  IEPSA has been one of the most preferred nitrogen equipment suppliers since 1980, and we are passionate about providing businesses throughout South Africa (such as hospitals, catering businesses, clinics and laboratories) with nitrogen and laboratory equipment that has been tried and tested.  Our specialist representatives are highly trained and qualified, and are considered experts in their particular fields of specialisation.  Over the years, we have built a reputation for keeping ahead of the curve by staying on top of new developments in the industry, and keeping our clients abreast of new technology, equipment and supplies.  As one of the leading nitrogen equipment suppliers in the country, we are well versed with various aspects of our business, such as the importation of fragile equipment, ranging from microbiology and genetics, to food storage and quality control.

We take great pride in providing some of the best nitrogen supplies and equipment in the world and all our stock is distributed from our sole distribution centre, with our inventory completely in one location.  As the nitrogen supplier for prominent diagnostic product organisations at the cutting edge of medical science and technology, we provide our high-quality products to all of our customers, and you can always be assured of outstanding service by highly experienced professionals in a variety of fields.  As the sole agents for some world-class international nitrogen suppliers and the exclusive agent for a number of prominent diagnostic product organisations at the cutting edge of medical science, we have built up a reputation of reliability and transparency, and our clients trust in our innovative and proactive approach to the industry. 

If you choose IEPSA as your nitrogen equipment suppliers, you will find that we are simply the most reliable and well-informed supplier around.  We work closely with our skilled and experienced team to ensure that all of our clients find exactly what they need and enjoy value for their money! 

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