Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Counters and Samplers from Biotest

IEPSA is an importer and distributor of a wide range of medical diagnostic products in Southern Africa.  We also import products from BIOTEST, the company known for their environmental monitoring equipment.

Biotest is the supplier of the HYCON System that contains and extensive range of environmental monitoring materials and equipment such as the RCS air samples and Agar media strips. The company furthermore offers the Airborne Particle Counters specifically used for the detection of contamination originating from airborne materials. Another product well worth investing in is the Biotest Contact Slide. The product is used for testing on curved surfaces.

Application in Industry

The company’s range of air sampling and counting equipment and materials is used widely by pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, food manufacturers, aseptic rooms and companies responsible for indoor air quality regulation.

The company has also made headlines for their introduction of the APC M3 Portable Airborne Particle Counter samples in addition to the 1CFM particle counters to test the air within minutes. The main advantage of the APC M3 is the reduction in cost associated with air sampling.  Another benefit of their products is portability.

Handheld Equipment

Since their air samplers are handheld, the kits can be used in the field for effective environmental monitoring. The Microbial samplers are battery operated and known for giving superiorly accurate results within minutes. The counters and samplers have compressed gas adapters specifically to monitor micro-biological substance of pressurized gas.

Biotest has world-class laboratories where quantitative analysis of samples are done and made available. In addition, the also provide qualitative analysis to help with the identification to genus.

ISO 14698

Environmental monitoring is important in all industries, especially in the pharmaceutical field. According to the USA FDA guidelines air samplers must meet specific requirements for collection, cleaning, and sterilization abilities.

The samples must also meet requirements for calibration and must be used according to set procedures. The main standard to take note of regarding the samplers is that of ISO 14698 Bio-Contamination Control, which is applicable worldwide. It is compulsory in the EU and as such the products we import from Biotest meet the requirements of the standard.

It is recommended that you review the ISO 14698 for the minimum technical standards that the samplers should meet regarding monitoring. For more information on products related to the above and Biotest contact our representatives. We also have an extensive range of medical diagnostic products from top brands in the industry.

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