Laboratory Equipment

Choosing Value Adding Laboratory Equipment

Laboratories are tasked with carrying out specialised functions. In order to be fit for purpose, these labs need advanced laboratory equipment and devices. Access to this state of the art equipment will allow them to provide timely and accurate results for various tests and experiments. You might be surprised how far efficient laboratory operations will go in improving the efficiency of patient care and healthcare facilities. The key to running a successful lab therefore lies in having ready access to quality laboratory equipment to take care of all your lab duties.

When shopping around for quality and affordable laboratory equipment, you have to be able to have confidence in the supplier. We are one of the leading suppliers of celebrated lab equipment in South Africa. Our products are sourced from the leading suppliers in the industry.

What to Look for When Shopping for Laboratory Equipment

Most modern day labs will have to be equipped with an extensive range of devices and equipment that will enable them to meet the many demands placed on today’s laboratories. This equipment can include:

  • Incubators.
  • Electrolyte analysers,
  • Centrifuges,
  • Chemistry analysers,
  • Haematology analysers
  • Histology equipment,
  • Electrolyte analysers,
  • Coagulation analysers,
  • Microscopes,
  • Electrolyte analysers and
  • CO-oximetry, to name a few.


In this rapidly changing world, technology revolutionises the way we do things every day. This means that you will have to look for quality products featuring advanced features. When purchasing equipment for your lab, its future expansion and organisational policy should also be taken into account. We provide reputable branded equipment and devices, all accompanied by advanced specifications with assistance from experienced professionals.

Excellent After Sales Service from IEPSA

We not only equip South Africa with the very latest in laboratory equipment technology, but we also provide a competent after sales service designed to help you get the utmost from your equipment investment. For more than thirty years we have been leading the charge in the import and distribution of highly specialised diagnostic products in South African and the southern Africa region.

Throughout our experience in the industry we have learned so much regarding the importing of sensitive products and its distribution in South Africa. All our products are also stored under the correct and indicated conditions and packed well for distribution. If you are looking for quality, affordable and durable laboratory equipment in South Africa, trust the leading supplier for more than thirty years.

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