Diagnostic Laboratory Supplies

Diagnostic Laboratory Supplies

For many years, laboratory supplies and equipment has driven innovation in the science and medical fields. Its advancement has benefitted the scientific and healthcare industries immensely. Sophisticated laboratory supplies are used in labs for various uses, including performing diagnostic procedures and for lifesaving test results, to name a few. In order for the lab to be fit for purpose it needs to be stocked with all the required supplies and equipment needed to meet its goals and demands.

Common Variety Laboratory Supplies and Equipment in South Africa

There are many types of laboratory supplies and equipment that is crucial to the full functioning of a modern day lab. Common types of lab supplies will include chemistry and haematology analysers, DNA and immunology analysers, microscopes, gamma counters, flasks, beakers, pipettes and centrifuges, to name only a few. This equipment and supplies are all used in research facilities, medical labs, hospitals and forensic laboratories, among others.

When shopping around for the required medical laboratory products and supplies it’s necessary to understand the different products available to choose from. It will help you no end to understand your requirements first before purchasing the product. Discuss all your needs with our seasoned sales professionals who will be able to best advise you on the different options available to you.

There are so many brands to choose from that you will find the product you are looking for at a competitive price. Purchasing branded products will guarantee that you receive top quality performance from your supplies and equipment.

For over three decades we have been supplying the South African medical and scientific industry with affordable and quality laboratory supplies. The brands offered by IEPSA include:

  • Poseidon FISH probes;
  • Chart;
  • ScheBo Biotech AG;
  • Qbiogene Product Divisions;
  • Bilirubinometers Microbiology Instrumentation;
  • Irvine Scientific;
  • Planer Products;
  • Cryo Biosystem;
  • Neogen;
  • MTG Technology; and
  • Analox Sensor Technology, among others.


These are only a few of the many different brands available. We are also proud to be the sole agent and distributor of many diagnostic product companies from Germany, the UK, and France and from the USA to South African and the southern African region. Our products are promoted by trained and skilled representatives who are considered experts in their fields.

We continue to set the bar in the industry and lead the way forward. If you are looking for affordable laboratory suppliers in South Africa from leading brands, contact IEPSA for fast and efficient service.

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