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Food Diagnostics Machinery for Rapid, Accurate and Safe Food Analysis

While as 21st century humans, we may consider ourselves to be at the peak of human evolution – we have never suffered more in human history from both infectious and non-infectious diseases. Not only do we have our poor and unhealthy choices to blame, but we are also showered each day with a plethora of processed, synthetic and chemically enhanced foods that interfere with our chemistry and genetic makeup. The Result: Allergens, Cholera, Food Poisoning, Botulism and more.

The truth is modern day food is anything but natural and while research consistently reveals to us each year the drastic increase in allergens and asthma, we are constantly reminded that the human race is far from evolved. In fact, many of our current chronic diseases are ones that surfaced only after the agricultural revolution.

While food allergens are significant issues affecting more children and adults than ever before, we are also faced with the threat of cholera, Botulism and food poisoning on a daily basis. A prevailing fundamental field fuelled by the growing demand for food safety – food diagnostics machinery are fundamental in protecting health, food products and the efficiency of food science.

Welcome to IEPSA

Welcome to the leading medical and food diagnostics machinery supplier in the entire Southern Hemisphere. In operation for over 35 years, we at IEPSA are the exclusive agents for some of the leading medical and food diagnostic product companies at the forefront of technology. Striving to increase customer confidence by improving food safety nationally, we at IEPSA have earned an outstanding reputation as an established and reliable key player for importing the most up-to-date food diagnostics machinery and equipment.

Led by a highly skilled team of experts in their respective fields, we offer a broad range of food diagnostics machinery that extend from leading international brands such as ScheBo Biotech AG, Neogen Food Allergen Solutions that detects allergens such as almond, casein, crustacean, egg, gluten, hazelnut, mustard, and peanut and soy milk, and CDR Systems for rapid, accurate and safe food analysis. As the exclusive agents for CDR Systems, we are able to provide rapid, accurate and safe food analysis through the following tests:

  • FoodLabFat – measures free fatty acids (FFA)/Acidity, peroxide value (PV), soaps, Anisidine value (AnV) in oils and fats.
  • FoodlabLine – an effective food and beverage analyser that is designed for milk, eggs, tomatoes, vegetable puree, cheese, dairy products and fats analysis.
  • MiniFood – measures the Acidity (FFA) and Peroxide Value in vegetable oil.
  • MiniFoodLab – measures and determines the milk urea nitrogen (MUN), urea in dairy products, vegetable mashes and sauces.
  • OxiTester – measures the Acidity (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV) and Polyphenols/Oil Stability Index (OSI) in plant oils.
  • PalmOilTester – measures the acidity (FFA), Iodine Value (IV), DOBI & carotene content, Peroxide Value (PV), Anisidine Value (AnV) in palm oil.

At IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, we take great pride in providing only the highest quality equipment and machinery supplies. With a vast product catalogue you are guaranteed to find everything you are looking for. Furthermore, our representatives are also able to advise and consult if required. If you are looking for food diagnostic machinery at the forefront of global food technology then contact us at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics today.

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