Advanced Lab Equipment for Medical and Industrial Applicationst

There has been a marked growth in the range of applications for lab equipment in recent years. While the practice of medicine and the associated research accounts for a substantial proportion of that increase, the industry too has played a significant role in fuelling the demand with its increased need for quality testing and control measures. In fact, a well-equipped laboratory has now become just as important as a component of many of today’s factories as has long been the case within the nation’s hospital services and higher learning establishments.

Although pharmaceutical companies have a significant requirement, much of the demand from industry today is coming from the manufacturers of food and beverages. Concerns over the contents of processed foods have resulted in the release of new legislation with regard to labelling. This, in turn, has meant greater investment in the lab equipment needed for the analysis of edible products whether for human or animal consumption. Since, in the world of commerce time invariably equates to cost, the increased requirement for testing has also spurred the development of new, often automated, devices that are capable of faster and more accurate analyses in place of the more time-consuming, conventional methods.

Given such new methodologies the producers of edible oils, for instance, are now able to determine the free fatty acid content of microliter samples within just 60 seconds.  Furthermore, they can do so with a degree of accuracy that is capable of detecting a 0.01% deviation in the concentration of oleic acid. Simple to operate, the use of advanced lab equipment such as this requires only a short learning curve and provides a cost-effective solution that ensures its users will enjoy a quick return on their investment.

Given the potential consequences of an adverse reaction, food manufactures are also required to advise on the possible presence of common allergens such as nuts, egg and milk proteins in their products. These too can now be quickly detected and quantitated using similar techniques.

In terms of the overall range of analytical and related procedures in regular use, the needs of medicine are by far the most demanding. The proliferation of many new sub-disciplines such as bone marrow transplantation, gene therapy and assisted reproduction within this field has necessitated the development of parallel developments on the part of the lab equipment manufacturers.

In South Africa, medical research remains important and together with industry is generating an increasing demand for new and more effective tools. Since 1980, IEPSA has been engaged in meeting the needs of both sectors, sourcing world class products from leading international manufacturers and supplying them to researchers, diagnosticians and analysts throughout the Republic of South Africa.

Having begun with a few commonly required diagnostic kits, we have since expanded to include all of the basic and advanced requirements in numerous fields.  These include the many new biomedical disciplines, routine pathology laboratories, blood transfusion services and the quality control departments of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Wherever such devices are in use, the chances are that IEPSA has supplied then.

Our staff is thoroughly trained and experienced in the use of all of the lab equipment that we supply and, in turn, is able to instruct our clients so that they may become productive immediately. If you require more information, we invite you to contact our team.

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