Laboratory Equipment Suppliers Are Vital to Medicine, Industry and Research Institutions

South Africa is, from a technological standpoint, the continent’s most advanced society and boasts a number of unique achievements in the fields of medicine and mineral exploitation in particular, which have proved invaluable to many other countries around the globe. With its exceptional abundance of facilities engaged in research projects, tertiary scientific education, diagnostic medicine and commercial quality control, the nation’s need for high-quality laboratory equipment and dependable suppliers is one that has become both considerable and continuous.

From basic glassware, such as pipettes, burettes and measuring cylinders, to the most advanced analytical systems, including disposable syringes and sophisticated whole-body scanners, the nation’s shopping list is a very lengthy one and the annual expenditure on these items is rapidly approaching astronomical proportions. All the more reason that, when ordering items such as these, it has become so important to deal with a company that understands the nation’s needs and one that can be relied upon to meet them effectively, as affordably as possible and on time. For this reason, many of South Africa’s technicians and scientists have learned to rely upon IEPSA.

Acknowledged as one of the country’s leading suppliers of laboratory equipment, our company stocks many items that are common, basic requirements within a wide range of scientific disciplines. However, the main focus of our company is shared between medical screening tests for use in routine diagnoses and research, quality control measures within the food and beverages and pharmaceutical industries, and in a variety of applications for water purification and testing technology.

We deal exclusively with prominent international manufacturers, and take great care to only select those products that have been thoroughly tried and tested, and have proven to rank among the best in their class. In the field of diagnostic medicine alone, the range of products offered is prodigious and in addition to various items of specialised laboratory equipment, it includes the disposables and reagents that are required for their use and for which we also act as suppliers.

Among the many medical disciplines whose requirements we address are oncology, immunology, gene therapy, tissue banking, stem cell research and assisted reproduction. All of these fields are characterised by a common need for apparatus used in the freezing and in the long-term cold storage of various biological materials, as well as for their ultimate distribution to the end users. In order to meet the demands raised within these fields alone, we are required to source a wide range of cryogenic products and do so through the US companies Chart MVE BioMedical and Cryo Bio System, as well as through Planer in the UK.

While food testing kits to detect and measure physical, chemical and biological properties are a must in order to protect the consumer and also feature among the laboratory equipment supplied by us, safety is equally important to those who work in the allied industries. Those employed in the hospitality sector or in pubs and breweries, and who may be exposed to the effects of accumulated carbon dioxide, need the protection of fixed and portable gas detectors. In addition, we also support the safety of those who work in water treatment facilities and petrochemical plants, with detectors for flammable, toxic and inert gases.

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