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Driven by biologists, chemists and physicists, Molecular Biology is an important field of science that is essential to life. Through the use of advanced molecular biology equipment, tools and techniques used for analysis, imaging, manipulation and separation – this is an area of science that not only deals with the nature of biological activity through the study of proteins, DNA, RNA and nucleic acids at a molecular level, it also explores their characteristics, parts and chemical processes, and it focuses on how molecules control a cell’s growth and activities.

Since the discovery of the double helix DNA structure in the early1960s, new discoveries and developments in molecular biology have continued to make major advancements, which is why biotechnology laboratories throughout the globe demand specialised molecular biology equipment for different types of processes and activities. In order to analyse, diagnose, treat, cure and prevent disease or other conditions, a well-equipped laboratory with all the necessary quality equipment is fundamental to ensure efficiency, accuracy and promptness in procedures. While the importance of using superior quality diagnostic laboratory equipment cannot be underestimated, when looking for quality molecular biology equipment, it is vital to partner with credible lab equipment specialists, such as IEPSA Medical Diagnostics.

About IEPSA Medical Diagnostics

In operation for 35 years, we are the sole agent for some of the leading international medical diagnostic product companies at the forefront of global medical science. Working closely with a team of highly trained and skilled representatives who are experts in their respective fields, we keep up with all the latest medical and scientific equipment trends and advancements available in the global medical market. At IEPSA, we can offer you an extensive selection of molecular biology equipment from leading international brands that range from the following:

  • Chart – equipment for freezing, long-term storage and distribution of biological materials.
  • Cryo Biosystem – straws for storage of biological samples.
  • Irvine Scientific – tissue and cell culture media equipment.
  • MP Biomedicals – offers a vast and comprehensive range of highly specialised and unique products that simplify molecular experiments, reduce costs, and save time and labour.
  • MTG Technology – equipment and disposables for human assisted reproduction.
  • Neogen – equipment for the detection of allergens, additives, contaminants, toxins and GMOs.
  • Planer Products – equipment for the freezing, storing and managing of biological samples.
  • ScheBo Biotech AG – colon cancer screening tests and pancreatic stool tests.


Committed to medical science, at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics, not only do we take great pride in providing the most superior quality molecular biology equipment in the southern hemisphere, but we also provide an extensive inventory of the most state-of-the-art medical diagnostic machinery, food laboratory equipment and laboratory glassware, all under one roof. Led by a highly trained and skilled team of medical equipment experts, our representatives are also able to advise and consult if required.

If you’re looking for a laboratory equipment supplier in South Africa at the forefront of global biological technology, then contact us at IEPSA Medical Diagnostics today. Choose to partner with the specialists that can offer you the best value for your investment – accurately, efficiently and promptly.

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