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Lab Supplies for Osmolality Measurement and Microbiology Applications

IEPSA is a leading importer of lab supplies to South Africa. One of the manufacturers that we represent is that of Advanced Instruments & Fiske. Some of the lab supplies available from them are briefly discussed below.

Micro-Osmometer Model 3320 – Osmolality Measurement

The instrument is used for the measurement of the osmolality of solutions using the Freezing Point Depression method. The unit is used for urine and other bodily fluids as well as serum applications in addition to measurement of formulations in industrial and biotech applications. The model is known for pinpoint precision and often used for applications where limited samples are available. It features on-board statistical analysis and can recall up to 30 test results. A password lockout system is in place to ensure access control and instrument calibrates automatically. With operation in several languages and a compact design it can be used in various settings.

Multi-sample Osmometer Model 202

Another one of the lab supplies to be considered for osmolality measurement is the Multi-sample Model 2020 Osmometer. It uses the same FPD method as Model 3320 and is used for the same applications. It can process up to 20 samples at a time and has been designed for optimal productivity and accuracy. It contains stat sample capability and features on-board statistical ability. Up to 200 test results can be recalled and it also features an on-board printer. The unit is small and automatically calibrates. With multi-language operation features and internal diagnostics, the unit is a must have in any lab.

A20® Advanced Automated Osmometer

It is one of the flagship lab osmometers from the Advanced Instruments & Fiske brand, best noted for its amazing analytical features and intuitive software control. The unit is easy to operate and uses the Freezing Point method for multi-sample measurements.

Advanced Anoxomat for Microbiology Applications

The instrument is used for the creation of mircoaerophilic and anaerobic environments in minutes. It is a microprocessor control unit and can create the mentioned environments in jars to offer repeatable conditions. It features superior precision and allows for saving of time and money because of accuracy and fast environment creation. It is the perfect alternative for gas bags or chambers.

The unit can complete anaerobiosis in less than 180 seconds and is economical on gas. It comes with an optional printer and features fully automatic one button operation. Another time saving feature is the fully programmable control.

View more lab supplies from Advanced Instruments & Fiske or download brochures about the products available through us.


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