Blood Testing Equipment

Blood Testing Equipment & Antibody Assessments

Whether you require blood testing equipment or transplant products, we are able to supply since we import from a wide range of top diagnostic equipment manufacturers located in Europe, the USA and UK. Our clients come mainly from the medical, environmental, and food industries.

We also supply LIFECODES products in addition to blood testing equipment. The company offers an extensive range of antibody products to be used in transplant labs with screening, single antigen kits and ID used in the detection of HLA antibodies in serum.

LIFECODES products include that of:

  • Screen & Identification Class I & II ID (Bead based)
  • QuickScreen
  • B-Screen
  • Quik-ID Class I & II (ELISA based)
  • LSA Class I & II Single Antigens
  • Donor Specific Antibody
  • HLA SSO Typing


The LIFECODES products hold several advantages including unique probe designs specifically ensuring the minimisation of ambiguity. In addition, the analysis software imports the data from the Luminex instrument and the master mix includes the dNTP and PCR buffer as well as primers – which helps to minimise steps needed and additional consumables.

Other LIFECODES products used in detection of antibodies are also available. The PakAuto is used for the detection of auto- antibodies and glycol-proteins of the patient. The LIFECODES PG4 Enhanced is designed for detection of anti-bodies that cause HIT. With multiple kit formats available from Gen-Probe, you will have more opportunity for the detection of IgG or IgG/A/M specific antibodies.

The treatment of hemophilia A is often complicated because of anti-body development against Factor VIII. It is important to screen for the presence of anti-FVIII antibodies to prevent complications.

Irvine Scientific

We furthermore offer products from Irvine Scientific specifically for diagnostic application, biopharmaceutical and tissue culture application. Their products comply with the GMP protocols of the FDA and are of superior quality.

They offer an extensive range of products such as Cell Culture Sera, salt solutions, serum-free and liquid media in the tissue culture product category. In terms of prenatal and cytogenetic, the product offering includes reagents, biochemicals and antibiotics in addition to mycoplasma screening and cell tumour conditioned medium.

Some of the products available in their reproductive biology category are that of powdered media, sperm processing media, albumin or protein sources, and gamete media. The company furthermore offers human, animal, and bovine products.

Our experienced and well-qualified experts are here to assist in product selection whether such forms part of blood testing equipment or media to test for food allergies.


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