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What can you analyse with CDR FoodLab for fats and oils?

CDR FoodLab systems for fats and oils are the ideal solution to control the quality at production lines in real time. This is why they are used by several food industries worldwide that use oils and fats as ingredients.
For instance:

  • You can test the shelf life of bakery products, snacks and creams in a simple and rapid way, monitoring the oxidation status and the rancidity of the oils contained in the different products
  • If employed for fried food production lines, CDR FoodLab systems for fats and oils quickly check the quality of cooking oil, frying oil and verify the shelf life of fried snacks simply and accurately.
  • If used in combination with CDR’s extraction system, a zero toxicity system, CDR FoodLab systems for fats and oils control the quality of raw materials or finished products in industries that produce, process and package nuts and hard-shelled dry fruit.
  • Due to the small amount of sample required, it is very appreciated by producers of high price oils, like essential oils or cosmetics.
  • The analysis of plant derived natural oils for different uses: for cosmetics, functional foods, nutritional use, pharmaceutical use, (almond oil, camelina oil, soya oil, etc. etc.)
  • The analysis of marine oils like fish oils and algae oils for nutraceutical use and other uses.
  • The analysis of vegetable oils, animal fats and oils for energetic use (burning oils or biodiesel).
  • The accurate process control for refined fat thanks to special curves that work properly at very low range of Peroxide Value (PV) and Free Fatty Acids (FFA).
A very quick sample treatment allows CDR FoodLab systems for fats and oils to test flours, feeds, butter and margarine as well.


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