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Genprobe Transplant Products

LIFECODES offers the complete antibody product portfolio for the transplant laboratory, with screening, ID and single antigen kits designed to detect and identify HLA antibodies in serum.

LIFECODES Screen & Identification

LIFECODES LifeScreen, Class I and Class II ID (Bead-based)

  • LifeScreen Deluxe contains seven different Class I beads and five Class II beads. The sensitivity has been enhanced through the use of CREG-enriched beads
  • Class I and II ID panels provide antibody identification and panel-reactive antibody (PRA) information
  • Vacuum manifold wash technique reduces total hands-on time, operator variation and contamination

LIFECODES QuikScreen, B-Screen, Quik-ID Class I and Quik-ID Class II (ELISA-based)

The LIFECODES ELISA antibody products are designed to detect and identify HLA antibodies that can cause the immune destruction of transfused platelets and transplanted allografts. Screening for these antibodies in patient sera offers clinicians the potential to identify compatible blood products and allografts, and to improve patient care. 1,2,3,4

LIFECODES LSA Class I and II Single Antigens

LSA (LIFECODES Single Antigen) kit is designed to identify permissible allele-level antigens. It also helps to identify those specificities that are masked in high-PRA sera when tested on conventional identification panels.

  • Class I panel comprises over 90 different HLA-A, -B and -Cw recombinant antigens
  • Class II panel comprises over 60 HLA-DRB, -DQB and -DPB recombinant antigens
  • Contains both high- and low-frequency antigens
  • Each DQ and DP antigen contains different combinations of common alpha and beta chains, facilitating identification of chain-specific antibodies


LIFECODES LSA-MIC facilitates identification of immunogenic epitopes in sera sensitized to MICA. The redundancy of epitopes helps ensure the correct identification of anti-MICA reactivity. Luminex xMAP technology provides flow cytometric sensitivity to identify low titer antibodies in subject sera.

When you need to know more than just HLA.

LIFECODES Donor Specific Antibody

Donor Specific Antibodies (DSA) have been shown to be involved in both chronic and acute rejection of transplanted allografts.  Gen-Probe provides solutions for the detection of DSA in transplant patients. 



  • Unique probe design minimizes ambiguities
  • Master mix includes primers, dNTPs and PCR buffer, eliminating extra steps and consumables
  • Homogeneous assay eliminates the need for centrifugation and wash steps, saving time and reducing the chance of pipetting errors
  • Analysis software automatically imports data from the Luminex instrument
Genprobe Transfusion Medicine:

LIFECODES Pak Family Products

Platelets express glycoproteins that are polymorphic and can become the targets for antibody responses.  Detecting these antibodies offers the clinician the potential to better identify compatible blood products and improve patient care.

The Pak family of products provide well-characterized platelet glycoproteins immobilized either directly and/or captured by monoclonal antibodies to the wells of a microwell plate.  The available formats allow a user to detect antibodies that bind to the platelet-specific glycoproteins (IIb/IIIa, Ib/IX, Ia/IIa and IV) and Class I HLA. 1,2,3,4,5

PakAuto has been designed to detect autoantibodies to patient glycoproteins.  These antibodies are eluted from the patient’s own platelets or found circulating in plasma. 6

Genprobe Coagulation:

LIFECODES PF4 Family Products

LIFECODES PF4 Enhanced and PF4 IgG have been designed to detect antibodies that have been implicated in causing Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT). Gen-Probe offers multiple kit formats allowing the flexibility to detect either IgG/A/M or IgG specific antibodies. 1,2

LIFECODES PF4 products offer the following benefits:

LIFECODES Factor VIII Antibody Screen

The development of antibodies against human Factor VIII (FVIII) is one of the most detrimental complications in the treatment of hemophilia A, as well as in patients with acquired hemophilia.

According to the Association of Hemophilia Centre Directors of Canada, all hemophilia A patients who have received Factor VIII infusions as well as those patients who are suspected of having acquired hemophilia A should be screened for the presence of anti-FVIII antibodies. 1,2

LIFECODES Factor VIII Antibody Screen provides the following key functionality:

LIFECODES VWF & Propeptide Assay

The LIFECODES VWF & Propeptide Assay is a quantitative solid phase ELISA for the measurement of von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and VWF propeptide in plasma. 1

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay is a quantitative assay for the measurement of ADAMTS-13 enzyme activity using FRET technology. A large body of literature shows that ADAMTS-13 is the protease responsible for cleaving von Willebrand Factor. Significant decreases or an absence of ADAMTS-13 activity can lead to the formation of ultra-large vWF fragments. Antibodies against ADAMTS-13 have also been shown to cause a decrease in ADAMTS-13 activity. 1

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