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The complete range of products for anyone who freezes, stores and manages Biological samples.

Cryopresevation has important applications in many areas of biomedical science when long-term cell or tissue storage is required, as plunging of samples directly into low temperature coolant risks extensive damage to cellular infrastructure.

A successful freezing process requires reproducible freezing rates, variable for different samples, precise temperature control and even distrubution temperature.

Controlled rate freezing (and thawing) when using Planer equipment has been proven internationally as “the” way to ensure maximum cell viability after retrieval from cryogenic storage.

Typical applications:

  • IVF(human embryo and sperm)
  • Viable leukemia cells, solid tumors,hybridomas
  • Bone Marrow for Transplantation
  • Human Oocyte retrieval
  • Whole tissue for clinical use( skin. cornea, heart valves)
  • Lymphocytes for immunological research
  • Animal embryos, sperm and oocytes
  • Avian sperm
  • Aquaculture (fish sperm and embryo)
  • Plant and fungal cell cultures
  • Microorganisms
  • Viruses

The product line covers:

  • Controlled Rate Freezers + management Software
  • LN2 Storage Vessels
  • Freezer Storage And Accessories
  • Cryogenic Accessories

Iepsa are also the suppliers of Cryo gloves and cryo aprons

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