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RAD-CONTROL labels are carefully engineered tools to verify blood irradiation. They serve to improve blood safety, help to enhance efficiency and streamline protocols in blood banks and the transfusion medicine. 

Why blood irradiation

Blood irradiation prevents a potentially fatal condition, Transfusion Associated-Graft versus Host Disease (TA-GvHD), a rare and potentially fatal complication of blood transfusion that occurs typically 2 weeks after the transfusion of cellular blood components. 

Verifying the irradiation of blood products is therefore vital for patients at risk of developing TA-GvHD. Rad-Control indicators are verification tools for the irradiation process. A simple and logical solution widely used in blood banks and medical centres worldwide. RAD-CONTROL Standard RAD-CONTROL Standard Before irradiation After irradiation For more information visit  

 RAD-CONTROL Standard Before irradiation  RAD-CONTROL Standard After irradiation  

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