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MP Biomedicals is committed to the life science and biotechnology industries, offering a comprehensive line of more than 55,000 products. Once known as ICN, MP Biomedicals has consistently provided quality and service for more than 40 years. Our mission is to deliver superior products and customer care, giving you the power to discover.

Besides the highlights below, MP Biomedicals is constantly featuring many new products and offering special deals on existing products. To see those products currently featured ,select one of the following: Improve Cell Viability, RNAi made easy, Nanotechnology, Transduction & Transfection Reagents, Detect & eliminate Mycoplasma, Plant Media

Qbiogene Product divisions
1. Molecular cytogenetics: 
Directly labelled FiSH probes for use on Metaphase and Interphase cell spreads. Classes of available probes are Unique sequences for a specific gene area, Satellite probes for chromosome enumeration and identification, P or Q arm-specific paints ( libraries ), Telomeric probes, Total chromosome painting probes, and are used in the following applications:

  • Haematology: Leukemias expressing gene translocations, amplifications, deletions, aneuploidy.
    Ex: BCR/ABL unique sequence,dual colour, dual fusion. Satellite combinations 7 & 8 for ploidy studies. Also break-apart rearrange dual colour probes.
  • Oncology : Solid tumours expressing gene amplifications, deletions, translocations. 
    Ex: Dual colour Her-2 neu.
  • Prenatal & Postnatal disorders: Dual colour probes for detection of Microdeletion syndromes, Ex: DiGeorge , Prader-Willi, Aneuploidy to confirm Downs’ syndrome.
  • Radiation dosimetry monitoring: Combinations of Total Chromosome Paints. Ex: TCP 1,2,4 or TCP 3,5,6
  • Telomeric probes, for studies involving deletions or subtle rearrangements in the tips of chromosome arms.
  • In-Situ Hybridization reagents: 20X SSC, NP 40, Hybrisol, DAPI, Tissue Pre-treatment kits, Hybridization buffers, etc.

2. Molecular biology 
We supply a vast and comprehensive range of highly specialised and unique products to simplify your molecular experiments, reduce costs, save time and labour.

Product divisions are:

  • Bio 101 Systems, providing you with DNA and RNA purification kits, using patented GeneClean silica binding, and the newer Phoenix ION exchange purification kits for plasmids.
    For difficult to lyse samples we have the FAST Prep system for DNA, RNA and Recombinant proteins, and a Fast Soil kit for environmental samples.
  • Bacterial growth media: Specialty formulations for E.coli such as CircleGrow, LB medium, antibiotics carbon sources and much more…
  • Yeast kits and growth media: Yeast transformation & purification kits. Specialized growth media for yeasts, drop-out media, YNB, amino acids, carbon sources and more…
  • Plant growth media: SM, HL5, FM, Agro medium, Gamborgs B5, Murashige & Skoogs, Chu’s N6
  • PCR: various Taq polymerases, Hot start Taq polymerase, Template tamer PCR workstation, PCR mastermixes, dNTP’s, PCR Core kits, PCR enhancers, SeqDirect PCR clean-up kits.
  • Enzymes: Restriction enzymes, RNA/ DNA modification, peptidases, glucanase.
  • Electrophoresis & Hybridization: A wide range of Agaroses, loading dyes, molecular weight markers, Biochemicals and reagents for hybridisation, NUCLEIC acid labelling kits!!, Membranes.
  • Transfection: RNA interference using jetSI, Non-liposomal using jetPEI, Liposomal transfection using GeneShuttle, MegaFectin, FluoroFectin.Peptide internalisation with Penetratin or TransVector.
  • Gene Expression using Q-mate Inducible expression system. Autofluorescent proteins using Superglo Blue and Green kits.
  • DNA and RNA analysis: Selection agents for cloning, competent cells, sequencing, cloning vectors
  • Adenoviral Gene delivery: Adenovator. AdEasy, Transpose-Ad, Adeno-Quest.
  • Protein dialysis: using the amazing new ProteoPlus system
  • Fragile-X syndrome: using a Digoxigenin labelled DNA probe and Sureblot Chemi hybridisation kit.

Qbiogene molecular cytogenetics and plant culture media

For further information about any of these products, please go to the following websites:

More about Fastprep Soil kits type FastPrep Ecology into a search engine for citations
Bacterial media

Diagnostic kits and reagents
MP Biomedicals, Diagnostics Division, has been committed to providing superior quality and service at competitive prices for more than 40 years. All our products are developed and produced under the strictest standards in our ISO facilities in Orangeburg, New York and in Burlingame, California and Singapore. The MP Biomedicals Diagnostics Division is now certified to ISO 13485:1996 under CMDCAS (Certificate No. 74 500 2265) and is in compliance with cGMP regulations, the European Medical Device Directive (IVDD 98/79/EC), and Canadian Medical Device Regulations (CMDR, 1998). Products manufactured by the Diagnostics Division are CE marked for sale into Europe.

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