Immucor Inc. is a leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide.

Immucor Inc. is a leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide:

  • Blood transfusion: Blood grouping, Antibody screening and Identification, Blood group Automation

  • Lifecodes Transplant: HLA antibody screening and identification. HLA SSO typing

  • Lifecodes Hemostasis: Hemostasis products provide useful information to help determine an individual’s risk of excessive bleeding or thrombosis. 

  • Lifecodes Transfusion Medicine: Platelet antibody and platelet typing assays

Immucor Inc. is a leading provider of transfusion and transplantation diagnostic products worldwide.


Transfusion Products


Reagent Red Blood cells

    Reagents Products
  1. Blood grouping and typing
  2. Anti human Globulin
  3. Potentiators
  4. Competency
  5. Quality control
  6. Speciality products
  7. Infectious diseases


Immucor’s patented Capture solid phase technology is an efficient and flexible antibody screening and identification technology with proven results.

Capture products

  • Capture-R: An IgG-specific red cell antibody detection, identification and crossmatch system.
  • Capture-P: Our Capture-P technology is an innovative IgG platelet antibody detection and crossmatch system.
  • Capture-CMV: Capture-CMV detects IgG + IgM antibodies to cytomegalovirus in serum or plasma.

Blood group Automation

  • Echo®: designed to help blood banks of all sizes and volumes optimize total workflow efficiency by automating more than just routine types and screens with the world’s smallest footprint
  • Capture products
  • NEO®: cutting-edge automation for the high-volume hospital, clinical reference lab and donor centre.
  • Capture products

LIFECODES Transplant

LIFECODES is a world-class leader in transplant diagnostics providing a broad portfolio of molecular and antibody-based assays using ELISA and xMAP® technology to evaluate HLA compatibility between donors and recipients.

Screen & Identification

  • LifeScreen Deluxe contains seven different Class I beads and five Class II beads. The sensitivity has been enhanced through the use of CREG-enriched beads
  • Class I and II ID panels provide antibody identification and panel-reactive antibody (PRA) information
  • Vacuum manifold wash technique reduces total hands-on time, operator variation and contamination

LIFECODES LSA Class I and II Single Antigens

  • LSA (LIFECODES Single Antigen) kit is designed to identify permissible allele-level antigens. It also helps to identify those specificities that are masked in high-PRA sera when tested on conventional identification panels.

LIFECODES C3d assay provides a measure of the binding and processing of complement to one of its end products - C3d. When combined with our LIFECODES LSA™ Single Antigen Kits, the assay offers a simple method for the detection of complement binding to HLA antibodies.


The LIFECODES HLA Typing Kits – Rapid utilize SSO methodology to identify HLA alleles present in a locus-specific PCR-amplified sample. LIFECODES Taq polymerase included in each kit.

  • Results in less than two hours.
  • NO centrifugation or wash steps – reducing overall hands on time.
  • Master mix includes primers, dNTP’s and PCR buffer – eliminating extra steps and consumables.


LIFECODES Hemostasis

Capture products

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay is a quantitative assay for the measurement of ADAMTS-13 enzyme activity using FRET technology.

LIFECODES ATS-13 Activity Assay offers the following benefits:

  • Easy: Assay set-up in less than 10 minutes
  • Fast: Results in under 45 minutes
  • Sensitive: Fluorescent endpoint

LIFECODES Factor VIII Antibody Screen

Antibodies against human Factor VIII (FVIII) is one of the most detrimental complications in the treatment of hemophilia A, as well as in patients with acquired hemophilia.

LIFECODES Factor VIII Antibody Screen provides the following key functionality:

  • Detects low titer antibodies to human FVIII
  • Fast and efficient way to screen out Bethesda negative samples
  • Detects relevant non-inhibitory antibodies thought to increase FVIII clearance

LIFECODES PF4 Enhanced and PF4 IgG

DetectIng antibodies that have been implicated in causing Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).

LIFECODES PF4 products offer the following benefits:

  • Heparin neutralization step reduces false positives
  • High sensitivity assures confidence in results
  • Multiple kit formats for maximum flexibility

LIFECODES VWF & Propeptide Assay

Measurement of von Willebrand Factor (VWF) and VWF propeptide in plasma.

LIFECODES VWF & Propetide Assay offers the following benefits:

  • Provide VWF antigen and propeptide results in the same run
  • Fluorescent endpoint allows for minimal sample volume


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