Cryo Bio System :

Exclusively dedicated to Life Science and Biodiversity, Cryo Bio System provide expertise for the cryopreservation of biological samples to scientists in all fields through a range of innovative High Security products in the fields of Biorepositories, Blood Transfusion, Regenerative Medicine, Medical & Pharmaceutical Research, Genomics & Proteomics, Medico-legal storage, Military Medicine and Biodiversity. 

High Security Tubes

  • Non-permeable* (1.2ml-2ml)
  • Safely stores contagious viruses*
  • Don’t crack/leak*
  • MEA & sterile tested
  • Medical device

*Applicable to CBS™ Filling &  Sealing method


  • Touch screen glove compatible
  • Technology ensures correct seal
  • Used for High Security Tubes & Straws

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High Security Straws

  • 0.3ml, 0.5ml or 2ml capacity
  • Non-permeable*
  • Safely stores contagious viruses*
  • Doesn’t crack or explode
  • Soft & flexible
  • Colour coding options


*Applicable to CBS™ Filling & Sealing method                                                      


  • Automated aliquoting & packing solution for biological samples
  • Highest quality
  • Full traceability
  • Total security
  • Complete autonomy

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Canisters are the vertical racks that hold the goblets on top of each other (2-6 levels) in liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrogen vapour phase.  

Daisy Goblets are mainly used for freezing and storage of biological materials in straws. The configuration of the Daisy goblet consists of 11 triangular visotubes, one round visotube and a cover lid to close the daisy configuration.  The 12 visotubes of different colours can hold 168 CBS straws of 0.3ml/0.5ml. Alternatively it can also house 540 PETG straws of 0.25ml capacity.

Type of visotube

0.3ml/0.5ml CBS straws

PETG 0.25ml straws

Colors available

Round 10mm




Round 13mm












CBS High Security straws are manufactured from revolutionary biocompatible materials making it a state of the art device. Applications include storage of serum, plasma, buffy-coat and other blood fractions, cell suspension, bacterial or viral strains, gametes and embryos.

High Security Vitrification kits
Can be used for oocytes and embryos.
This product consists of three distinct parts:
-   a High Security ionomeric resin straw
-   a capillary tube with a pre-formed gutter co-injected with its coloured handling rod
-   a blue plastic insertion device.
Individually packaged in a peel off blister pack (4 kits).

High Security Embryo straws (0.3ml) are designed for the cryopreservation of biological samples of human origin, especially in liquid nitrogen.

Individually packaged in a blister of 20 units.

CBS Tissue straws (2ml) are used for the cryopreservation of tissue fragments.
Individually packaged in a blister of 20 units.

The Micro-aspirator is used to manually fill all CBS straws without any risk of contamination.

The Filling Nozzles are designed for the filling procedure of CBS High Security embryo and sperm straws for the prevention of contamination of the sealing area of the straw by the biological sample to guarantee airtight seals of the CBS High Security straw. 

Individually packaged in a peel-off blister of 100 units from a protective box.

Syringe adaptors are used to connect the syringe with one sperm straw for manipulation purposes.     Packaged as one (1) or (5) per pack.

Application fields for PACE, SIDE & MAPI

  • Biorepositories for epidemiological and disease research
  • Hospital biobanks
  • Cell and genetic therapy units
  • Pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines from living cells
  • Genetic heritage archives
  • Sperm banks
  • Laboratories and clinics specialized in reproduction biology


Semi-automatic filling and sealing system for CBS High Security straws. PACE uses CBS straws that are pre-identified with bar codes and/or alphanumerical codes or just before printing with SIDE. Different blood or sperm products from the same individual may be processed in a pre-defined order with the same filling nozzle.

  • Hopper feeds sample straws individually;
  • Manual positioning of primary sample tube and filling tubing;
  • Straw filling by aspiration with built-in pumps;
  • Controlled thermal autogenic sealing at both ends of straw;
  • Manual transfer of straws to their storage address (visotube and goblet).

The PACE system can be placed on the laboratory bench or under laminar flow with sterile straws and filling tubing and only needs power supply.

Can automatically print barcodes and alphanumerical identification on the straws.
Print only the requested number of straws for a sample
Print the same code on the straws as the sample
Print straws after sealing to ensure sterility of the content



  • Automatic filling, sealing and printing system for CBS high security straws
  • The MAPI system consists of the filling robot and its control box, a special ink-jet type printer and a PC with the MAPI pilot software.
  • The automate is placed on a special laboratory bench at ergonomical height.
  • The MAPI pilot software is installed on the PC provided with the system to pilot the machine cycle of the MAPI system: distribution, filling, sealing, printing and re-reading of straws.
  • The code to be printed on the straw can be either a bar code read from the primary tube, keyboard entered or programmed fixed text.

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New automatic opening CBS High Security Tubes equipment
- Accommodate six CBS High Security Tubes at a time
- Unique automatic cutting device sterilization cycle between    each tube
- Intuitive touch screen which is glove compatible


Application fields

  • Forensic Laboratories
  • Cell and genetic therapy units
  • Genetic heritage archives
  • Pharmaceutical companies producing vaccines from living cells
  • Biorepositories for epidemiological and disease research
  • Hospital biobanks
  • IVF Laboratories
  • Sperm banks
  • Fertility preservation

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Automatic Sperm Collector
Offer your patients the best chances to give life!

Semen collection process comfortable, fast and safe.

  • Simulate the vaginal spasms
  • Visual and auditory stimulation
  • Adaptable to patient anatomy
  • No cross contamination
  • Smooth and efficient



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